Seven team

about us

In 1997 we decided to found Seven to work in the field we feel passion for: technology and communication.

Since then we have worked on more than 4,000 projects with small and big companies, devoting all our enthusiasm and commitment to quality and service. 

Whenever we can, we will always use technology to help us implement a project and make it more efficient. We always work with selected professionals who ensure faithfulness to the original texts, while at the same time providing a touch of freshness and vibrancy in the final texts.

Another of our qualities is that we plan all of our assignments to the smallest detail. This way, should an unexpected issue arise, we are accustomed to quickly finding the right solutions, so that the project always advances in optimum conditions and by the specified deadline.

how we work

When we receive an assignment, we implement our methodology so that everything works smoothly:

1. Analysis: We analyse the complexity, the volume and the structure.

2. Selection of resources: We select the most appropriate professionals for the project according to their fields of expertise and experience.

3. Adaptation to CAT tools: We prepare the documents for the CAT tool chosen in order to optimise the process.

4. Assignment of work and deadlines: We define the duties each team member will carry out and set deadlines.

5. Review and homogenisation: We carry out an exhaustive review and ensure that the final text and the format are perfect with regard to our customer’s requirements.

6. Completion and delivery: When everything is perfect and we are satisfied with our work, we deliver the documents.


Seven team in a meeting